Motivational friends

November 28, 2010 Jeremy 0

Had an absolutely fabulous afternoon/evening yesterday of food and conversation with several friends, most of whom have some involvement with writing in their lives. One […]


November 21, 2010 Jeremy 0

If I take anything from NaNoWriMo – more on that in a moment – it should be that I should write what I know, at […]

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Day 14: Almost half way

November 15, 2010 Jeremy 0

The last two days I’ve not written a word. I struggle to find a reason beyond just “I can’t be bothered”. Admittedly the first day […]

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Day 12: Struggling

November 13, 2010 Jeremy 0

While yesterday the words flowed reasonably easily, today… not so much. And I face the second of my two night shifts. My brain is oh […]

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Day 11: Onward and upward

November 11, 2010 Jeremy 0

With my brain finally responding to stimuli again, I haven’t quite caught up with the straight line that indicates the words needed every day to […]

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Day 9: Almost nothing

November 9, 2010 Jeremy 0

12 hour shifts are just not conducive to creative writing. Don’t feel up to it. I’ll have to make it up on days off.

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Day 7: One week down

November 7, 2010 Jeremy 0

I had a nice, quiet day at home. For most of which I played computer games. And I read an article about procrastination. Yes, I […]