The Bear

The Bear: intense drama served up with heart

January 28, 2024 Jeremy 0

In the smorgasbord of television dramas, “The Bear” emerges as a flavoursome offering that’s both raw and refined, a hearty stew of dysfunctional found- and blood-family, gorgeous food, and the frenetic pace of the culinary world.

The Captain's Log Issue 217 August 1995

The Captain’s Log

December 17, 2023 Jeremy 0

I met Katharine at a Star Trek fan club and forged a profound friendship via The Captain’s Log.

Brick: how did I miss this film?

January 22, 2013 Jeremy 1

Take the plot, dialogue and style of a 30s crime-noir, with a hard-nosed detective, a femme fatale, drug lords and enigmatic informants, and transpose it all to a modern-day High School.