Bounty Trail: A Star Wars fan film script

Still from Star Wars fan film "Bounty Trail". Boba Fett points his weapon at the camera while a Jedi holds her lightsaber.

In 1996, I interviewed Justin Dix for Frontier about his Star Wars fan film, Bounty Trail. He asked if I would do a pass on the script, and I gleefully agreed.

Having not written a script before, I conducted research on correct structure. Unfortunately, I went overboard. Not just in the actual layout of the script but way over the top with how much could be achieved on a limited, fan film budget. I went big.

Every Star Wars film needs a twist, right? My shocking reveal, of which I am very proud, is on page 15. I admit to being saddened when later films and TV shows negated it.

Justin liked it, but of course it was too big for what he wanted, and the final product goes a different and some say even more creative direction.

I present to you: my Bounty Trail script.

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