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Sleepy Hollow

July 1, 2001 By Jeremy

This review appeared in Frontier Issue 22 July 2001. This Tim Burton-helmed version of the “great American tale” is dark and gruesome while at the same time a complete hoot, with Burton’s trademark twisted sense of humour. This is not to say it is a comedy, but rather a dark fantasy story of love, lust […]

Bugs, Mr Rico! Lotsa bugs!

July 1, 2000 By Jeremy

This article appeared in Frontier Issue 20 July 2000. Animation has seen a rennaisance in recent years, with many animated TV shows and films appearing. Previously, animation in Western society was mostly aimed at children – Disney and its ilk. However two important influences have changed that – the rise of popularity in the West […]

Making Meggido

April 1, 1996 By Jeremy

This article was originally published in Frontier magazine Issue 1 April 1996. “The Wizard of Oz meets Judge Dredd.” That’s the description David Redman gives me when I ask what his latest movie, Meggido Finn, is about. When pressed to explain the similarities between his film and these however, he’s more evasive; he doesn’t want […]