Not necessarily in that order

I’m a writer, gamer and geek living in Australia.

I began writing in Primary School. My first story I remember was about a car crash in which all the members of the Bay City Rollers (my sister’s favourite band at the time) were killed. I guess that’s where my love of alternative history started. I wrote my first novel in High School, a fantasy bearing similarities to The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, though it remains unpublished. My work has appeared in various fan publications (The Captain’s Log for Star Trek, Alliance for Star Wars) and was one half of the team behind Frontier: The Australian Science Fiction Media Magazine (1996-2001), which won an ASFMA. A story of mine titled “Such Is Life” appears in Dead Red Heart, an anthology of Australian-themed vampire fiction, released in 2011.

I got into gaming in High School, playing Role Playing Games (like Dungeons & Dragons) and moving on to tabletop miniatures games in all sorts of historical, fantasy and science fiction settings. I haven’t role played in many years however; the last serious games I remember playing were Cyberpunk and Shadowrun 2nd Edition. Miniatures gaming I’ve played many different games and in many different settings. Favourites are Stargrunt II by Ground Zero Games and anything by Eureka Miniatures, for whom I act as Webmaster.

I play First Person Shooter computer games like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty and Day of Defeat. I used to play World of Warcraft and have dabbled in many other Massive Multiplayer Online Games.

I have an Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering.