Day 12: Struggling

While yesterday the words flowed reasonably easily, today… not so much. And I face the second of my two night shifts. My brain is oh so much mush.

I actually went back in my story today, to part where I had jumped ahead to write something “more exciting”. I began to fill in the part I had missed. I think I can make up a decent amount of words that way in the next few days – I did jump quite a substantial part that will be filled with quite descriptive text.

Today I also jumped at the leading edge of my story too. I’d reached another slow point and I wasn’t quite sure how to get to the next, faster point – so I skipped the dull bit. I didn’t get that far into the exciting bit either but if that is what inspires me to write, then so be it.

I’m still haunted by the thought that I’m going to run out of story before I reach 50,000 words. I’m about 15,000 words in and I feel like a large part of my story has already been told. I think I can put this down to poor planning however – I had certain plot points in my head and I’ve reached a lot of them, but I was more vague about later plot points and now I have to work out how to get to them.

This… this is the pointy edge of writing. The hard part, the part where you have to hunker down and just type out those words. The part where the magical “inspiration” doesn’t make your fingers fly across the keyboard in that oh so enjoyable way, but rather they tap hesitantly as your mind tries to match what you want to say to what you are actually saying in type.

I do wish I could count these blog posts, because when I get into this reflective mood I so feel like I could keep writing forever in blog format.

I have a break coming up. I’m hoping to use some of that time to really rip into the story and get ahead on my word count. Cross fingers.