Day 8: All the small things

Lots of little, annoying things happened today that were quite annoying, together adding up to leave me tired and wrung out by the time I got home. My brain had turned to mush. I was surprised thus when I sat down to write how the words came out reasonably easily; just not many, as tiredness overtook me. I’ve managed to tap out 745 more words (total: 12745).

So what happened in my day? Well… I discovered someone had been spreading minor gossip about me, I had to fret about what some other people thought of me, I had trouble with bureaucracy, someone flashed his headlights at me when he wanted to bully his way through traffic, and a supermarket checkout girl called me over to her empty lane only to then serve someone at the front counter, which ended up if I had stayed in the queue where I had been I would have got through already by the time she served me.

So, as I said, small things all of which were slightly frustrating.  On the positive side we had lovely Thai food tonight, a favourite, and my story is at a place that I’m confident when I get the time to actually sit down and concentrate with half a brain, I’ll bash out quite a lot of it and catch up on what I’m missing today.