Day 7: One week down

I had a nice, quiet day at home. For most of which I played computer games. And I read an article about procrastination. Yes, I see the irony.

I did sit down to write, and took it easy today, sharing that task with playing games as well as doing some household chores. Happily I managed to bash out more that the daily requirement, and bump my total count to 12,000 exactly. Which now I think about it, it doesn’t feel like I’ve written that much. And if I had approached this in a professional manner, I could probably have written that much in a day (or at least, two).

So a week is down, and I’m right on track to do the 50,000. Excellent.

Unfortunately this week however I have three long work days and two nights (I work shiftwork) and shifts tend to leave my brain rather mushy. And mushy does not promote motivation. Hopefully I’ll stay ahead of the curve.