Day 15: The midway point

So I had some interesting dreams last night. I blame the videos I was watching on Youtube, quite late. Anyway, my dreams did help me to answer some troubling questions I’d had about my novel, one of which was the fact that I had a main character and so far I was telling the story only from that one point of view. I realised I needed another point of view, and I realised how using that other point of view I could tell a much more detailed story – not just the setting but some character arcs as well.

So what was the result? Well, something must have been ticking right in my head, I wrote 3121 words today, for a total of 18,145. Still behind where I should be but if the next few days can be like today I’m quite confident I’ll catch up!

Not only that, my dreams last night gave me a few new ideas for other stories I may pursue after November is over.

The power of dreams, hey?