Reconnecting with a long lost friend

Years have slipped away since my High School days, and amidst the occasional reconnection with old acquaintances, there’s is one person lingering in the back of my mind. “T” is more than just someone I knew from those teenage years; she is a puzzle piece missing from my past, the unanswered question of where life has taken her, a question that raises itself occasionally over time.

Teen connection

Our story unfolds in the typical teenage fashion. We share a group of friends, socialising at school, and discover a brief high school romance before life whisks her away to another town. Despite the distance, we hold onto fraying threads of communication until one day, the connection snaps. A sudden but not dramatic break, it still leaves no end to the story.

Time marches on

Time naturally progresses, and the memories of the past gradually morph into reminiscent anecdotes, occasionally revisited during casual searches, often prompted by chance encounters with individuals from that era.

Needles and haystacks

The occasional, casual search means venturing into dead ends, searching for needles in haystacks of namesakes. Even the advent of Google and Facebook doesn’t yield results. It seems like an impossible quest, one which I eventually abandon as new experiences replace old memories.

Until a recent surge of determination propels me back into the search.


Joining an alumni group on Facebook renews my focus. I scavenge through old yearbooks, scan photos, and embark on a determined, last hunt. If I again find nothing, then at least I gave it one last determined attempt.

Dead ends greet me, but a glimmer of hope emerges when I am referred to a “J” as a potential link to T’s whereabouts. J supposedly has his finger on the pulse of ex-students, a network collected over the years.

One last shot

Messaging1 J feels like my final shot. If this doesn’t work, the time to give up is upon me. The anxiety of potential failure gnaws at me, yet within minutes, his reply appears like a lifeline.

Facebook grey text message bubble with words "Thanks for reaching out. This is her profile."

J links to T’s profile on Facebook. I am in shock. The surge of emotions is overwhelming. I message T immediately, a mix of excitement and nerves pulsating through me.

Facebook Messenger blue text bubble, with words "Hi! Long time no see! Long. Long time. Surprise!"

T’s prompt reply mirrors the shock and delight of our reunion.

Facebook messenger grey text bubble with words "Omg! Hi! I can't believe you remembered me! How are you?"

What follows is a cascade of life updates, laughter over the surrealism of rediscovery, and tacit acknowledgment of the passage of time. It is a momentous Life Moment. Exhausted by emotion, we agree that this moment requires us both to pause and process.

A friendship reforged

We rekindle communication, sharing stories of growth and change, marriage and family, across the miles that separate us. And now… perhaps we will rekindle a friendship and bridge the chasm of years apart, or maybe we’ll just remain occasional messengers in each other’s lives. The path ahead is uncertain, but the sense of closure and the prospect of a new chapter is undeniably comforting.

It’s a new beginning, a chance to write a new narrative into the future. So very much worth it.

  1. Messages recreated, not screenshots. ↩︎