Team Yankee: played my first game and it rocked

It was a fun introduction to Team Yankee today as I played my first game.

A borrowed army

From host Alistair I borrowed a West German 100 point army. It consisted of two platoons of Leopards with three tanks each, two recee platoons of two Luchs each, an AA missile platoon, MLSR artillery support, a support flight of Luftwaffe Tornados and one more Leopard as company commander.

The great horde

Alistair as my opponent ran his 100 point Soviet army of more tanks than I thought polite, a recce unit of BMPs, an AA platoon and a platoon of infantry with supporting BMPs.

The game

Unfortunately I did not take note of what happened each turn and completely forgot to take photos until later in the game as I was having too much fun!

Team Yankee vs Flames of War

What I can say is that the game flowed smoothly. It helped that Team Yankee is similar to Flames of War but is much more streamlined, at least compared to the version of FoW I played previously. I shall do a more in-depth review of the rules as I become more familiar with them.


It was a great victory to the Germans as they smashed the Russian assault, thanks in no small part to the excellent Luftwaffe Typhoons who dropped a swathe of destruction on advancing BMPs without loss, while the Soviet airstrike was smashed. Two Leopards and two Luchs were lost to two Soviet tank platoons, two BMP recce units and most of the infantry BMPs.

This game really scratches my modern warfare itch, recalling memories of my Modern Micro Armour days. Some people play Team Yankee in 6mm and I still have some around so I shall attempt to replicate my 15mm force in that scale. I’m now building my British, the progress of which I will record on this blog. Of course.