SouthlandI was up late watching Southland last night, and often my late night viewing influences my dreams. So some time in the early hours of the morning I had a dream where I was a detective, with a partner, following some crime the details of which elude me now. The important thing that I took from the dream was the last conversation I had with my partner, when we were discussing having to rush to arrest somebody who we knew was also the target in a gang war (the episode I had watched had been about an escalating gang war). He was hiding in a rough neighbourhood.
“Going to be a rush to get there,” my partner said (or something to that effect).
“A race through dark places,” I replied.
I then woke up.

That final statement of mine hung in my mind after I woke up. “A race through dark places.” I thought that was an awesome title for something. I knew I had to write it down. There was also a nagging thought that I had heard or seen it somewhere before. So when I got up, of course I used our friend Google.

A Race Through Dark Places.

Talia Winters from Babylon 5I have not watched Babylon 5 in years. I had a moment’s thought on the weekend of B5 when I visited a friend who had borrowed my DVDs and it was mentioned. But that’s it. And from that reference, my mind dragged up that episode title, and put it into a dream situation that had no connection with B5 at all. I barely remember the episode from which this title comes.

My brain amazes me sometimes. I wish it would hurry up and offer the whole plot of my blockbuster novel…