Dead Red Heart

I wrote, and submitted, a piece of fiction for the “Dead Red Heart” anthology by Ticonderoga Publications. This is actually my first piece of complete fiction in many years, courtesy of a combination of burnout from a magazine I was producing and World of Warcraft.

But damn it felt good to write it, and even better to submit it. I’ve been reliably told I wont hear anything until after the deadline for submissions has passed, so cross fingers that I may once again see my name in print for fiction.

What this has also done is revitalise my interest in fiction writing, such that I’ve dusted off various concepts I had laying around and have begun work on them anew. We will have to see where that goes.

As an aside… I have quit World of Warcraft and have no intention of going back. Six years of playing the game and what did I achieve? Well, at various times I was having “fun” but at the end, I’m left with… nothing. I’ve created nothing. Moving on is the best thing I could have done.