Last year, CMON ran a Kickstarter for “A Song Of Ice And Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game“, based upon the best-selling books by George R. R. Martin. It was very successful, with 9,040 backers contributing US$1,690,466 for a “Stark vs Lannister” starter set. After a significant wait, CMON finally began shipping early this month and I got my pledge!

The game looks gorgeous, with beautiful artwork on boxes and books. The miniatures look great too, made from coloured plastic, the game is playable out of the box without having to put paint to figure. Of course no mini gamer wants to have unpainted miniatures (Ha!) so I had to start working on mine. Being a big fan of the Starks, I started with them.

Robert Baratheon had just died. Young Robb Stark, eldest song of Lord Eddard, has called together his banners to march south and face the King and the Lannisters for imprisoning his father. As a Commander of his army, the miniature demands special attention. I’ve never been a display quality painter; I did take time on Robb to make sure he looked what I thought was the best. The text describes him as having red-brown hair, inherited from his mother Catelyn, and of course he wears a traditional northerner fur. The cloak is blue and not the ice white of his house; this lines up with art from the Deluxe rule book.

He is a great figure to paint. There is also a Kickstarter-exclusive alternate pose Robb, and I will definitely get to painting him, however the rank-and-file comes first!