Just released has been the first full trailer for Battle: Los Angeles (called World Invasion: Los Angeles in some parts of the globe). With the volume turned off, it appears much like any other Hollywood action shoot-em-up war film, perhaps a little bit more interesting because of the aliens. But the music… oh the music… turns it completely into something else.

[youtube ORb3zC8z94w]

Now it may be that the film is a pile of trash of Skyline (so I’ve heard) proportions, but this trailer makes it look suitably epic and amazing, a sort of ID4 meets District 9 with some of the long awaited Halo movie thrown in. I am sure a lot of people will see the film purely on the strength of this trailer – and it is a very strong trailer, based mainly on that music.

The artist in question is Johann Johannsson, who as you would expect has received a lot of extra attention due to this trailer.